Lub you too mut – need new assistant


Dear Hillary,

Is this a common problem with Thai women? My Thai girlfriend is always very friendly when I am here in Pattaya, but when I go back to England she does not write too often and is even fairly cool in her emails sometimes, especially if I have asked her what she is doing. I send her eight thousand baht a month, so I reckon I have the right to ask. What do you think, Hillary? Do you think I should get an investigator to follow her for a while? I really don’t want to be spending money on someone who doesn’t give me the value in return.


Dear Bob,

What do you expect for 8,000 baht a month Petal? A girlfriend or a long distance slave? Have you also ever stopped to consider that it might be very difficult for her to write to you in English? She is probably having to get someone else to write her side of the emails. Hillary is quite sure you don’t write to her in Thai, do you? So here she is, using her 8,000 baht allowance on internet time and probably having to get a translator to sit in with her as well – and they cost money too. And what does she get in return, my disbelieving Bob? Letters to Hillary asking if you should get her tailed by a Private Dick. Time to grow up Baby Bob. You don’t own anybody ever, and you certainly don’t buy loyalty for 8,000 baht a month. 8,000 baht a month doesn’t even keep Hillary in champagne and chocolates! (I wish).