Loving Songkran?


Dear Hillary,

I have just finished washing the car after the usual Songkran madness. I know it is supposed to be Thai New Year, but all I see is an opportunity for young Thais to plaster white paste on girl’s faces, jump up and down (it certainly ain’t dancing) and aggressively hit motorcyclists in the face with a face full of ice cold water. If that is fun, count me out. I should add that I know there are plenty of westerners in the water wars around the bar areas, but they have no idea what Songkran was meant to be. The Thai people do know, but just ignore the real significance.



Dear Tom,

While I agree with some of your letter, you forget that Thais are fun-loving people (and that’s why the westerners love us) and any excuse for a party will do, and what better than the Thai New Year? If it upsets you so much, why don’t you go to Singapore for the week, so you miss all of it.

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