Looking for a PI who can look for him


Dear Hillary,

Is there some sort of private investigator group in Pattaya that can look at a Thai lady and tell foreigners whether they can be trusted or something?  I’m not in Thailand for six months of the year, and I think my Thai GF is playing me for a sucker, with constant calls for more money for one reason or another.  Friends who live in Pattaya tell me she is back in the bar, and very friendly with some Thai guy.  I send her money so she didn’t have to go back to the bar, and she tells me she isn’t, but if that is correct, where is the money going.  I send her 50K each month, and she never tells me where the money goes to.  I need to find out before I send any more money.


Dear Ulf,

Yes there are private investigators you can hire to keep a lookout on the lady, but is this necessary?  You obviously do not trust her.  Will you just be throwing good money after bad?  I think you have to look at your relationship a bit more, Petal.  Expecting 100 percent loyalty from a bar lady, is probably expecting a bit much.  If you want to support this girl, you should also have arranged to get her some training for a real job, so she has something to do and not just go back to the bar to gossip with friends.  Even 50K a month does not stop her getting lonely.  I think you have to evaluate your relationship.