Looking for a lawyer


Dear Hillary,

My girlfriend was living with another foreigner 10 years ago in Bangkok. He was doing some real estate deals, and at one point bought a house in my girlfriend’s name. Shortly after he sold the house again. He has now long been gone from Thailand. My girlfriend has now received a letter from the revenue department. They would like to see her, as they say she owes business tax on that house. She does not own any money apart from what I give her. And I am not interested in paying her former boyfriend’s business tax. Could Hillary please ask your legal staff what she should do?


Dear Peter,

No problems! While I am at it, what else would you like Hillary to do? Change the light bulbs? Unblock the drains? Rewire the house and re-hang the front gate? Oh, I almost forgot, wipe your little botty as well? What sort of service do you think Hillary is running here, Poppet? This is a column for advice for those with problems of the heart, not for those looking for free legal aid. Why don’t you go along and ask a lawyer yourself, my precious? There is a good one in Pattaya, I just can’t remember his name.

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