Looking for a GF


Dear Hillary,

Have I found THE girl? There is a bar close to where I live, so I have been going there for a drink after work. Recently a new girl there has been giving me lots of attention, but never even asks for a ‘lady drink’, but I can see that all the other girls back off, so apparently she must be mine. Or is it that I am hers? Anyway, she is a nice girl, so I wouldn’t mind having her as a GF. How well should a guy know the girl before buying her out of the bar? It’s not cheap these days either.



Dear Glen,

You have to ask yourself, why is she working in a bar? There are other jobs she could take up, such as sales girl, 7-Eleven counter, waitress, fast food server and the like. I get a lot of tales of woe from chaps who take a lady from the bar on a more permanent basis. Remember the old adage, “You can take a girl out of the bar, but you can’t take the bar out of the girl.” I take it from your email that you are young (under 30) and have not been here long. Answer me, do you really want somebody at home, getting under your feet and who will have very different social skills? You would be extremely lucky to find THE girl, Petal.