Looking for cheap digs


Dear Hillary,

I have been looking for some good cheap and clean hotels in Pattaya. I inspected a filthy bungalow that had rooms for rent. It was so dirty that I saw a line of cockroaches leaving in disgust. I asked how much for a week, but he said nobody had actually stayed a week. I then went to a hotel on Soi eight. It was clean and fairly well presented but outside the windows were numerous bars, playing music at full blast. However, I stayed for one night and left a call with the receptionist for seven in the morning. When I woke the next day, I found seven bar girls in my room. Business in this hotel was obviously not good. The maids were stealing towels from the guests. Where should I look for my accommodation?


Dear Michael,

You remind me of Mick, an old friend of the column, who always seemed to be in trouble. I haven’t heard from him for about 10 years, so maybe the roaches ate him. But seriously, some of the best hotels are on Beach Road. Try there.