Let’s go!


Dear Hillary,

I am thinking about making the relationship with my GF more permanent.  She has been hinting for a few weeks now.  We’ve been together for almost four months and seem to get along OK.  She used to come with me to the pub, but she would get bored as she doesn’t drink and then would make noises like “Let’s go.”  Other than that it’s been good.  My mates reckon she is too bossy, but I can handle it.  What do you think, Hillary?


Dear David,

Stand back from the situation, my Petal.  She is pushing you into this permanent relationship and you are on the back foot, making excuses like “Other than that it’s been good.”  If you were certain, you wouldn’t be writing to me, would you?  Give it another eight months and see if she is still there.  My guess is that she will “Let’s go” and look for someone else.