Legalize gambling!


Dear Hillary,

You do get lots of letters about foreigners getting ripped off.  No wonder, the laws were made 114 years ago.  Nothing much has changed since.  You should get in contact with Immigration and find out how many foreign men do their self in because of it. How would it be if the boot was on the other foot, that might open your eyes and change your way of thinking.  How quickly Thais forgot all the help and money they got from tsunami.  Shame on you Thailand.  Also the government has missed the boat they should have made keno legal, more revenue and pay a good pension, but they treat Thais like little kids.  Wrap them in cotton wool and gambling you cannot even play cards.  What a joke, they need to up date their laws.


Dear Dick,

Whew!  How many subjects did we cover in that one letter, Petal?  I can see that you are fairly upset by the goings on of Thai society, both for foreigners and for Thais, and that is very nice of you to look after both groups.  However, I don’t think Immigration keep the statistics on UFFO’s (unidentified foreign flying objects), but I’m sure the embassies would, if you’d like to explore the subject.  I believe that anyone who tops themselves have problems they can’t see their way out of, and those problems can be much more than just the immigration laws.  Financial worries are high on the list (well on my list anyway), and being unlucky in love another reason.  Gambling is illegal in this country, Dick, and sure, there is an opportunity for governments to cash in, but the Thai government is the body to make that decision, not you, I’m afraid.

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