Laundry offering extras


Dear Hillary,

I have a laundry a couple of doors away and the woman who runs it (owns it?) has started to bring my laundry to me, instead of me picking it up from her. She is hinting very big that she wants to stay, even bringing a couple of beers for she and I to drink. She is a single parent but her daughter is grown up. She wants me to take her to dinner. She strips off and jumps in my swimming pool given half a chance and the only way I can get her out is to promise we go for a meal. She is a nice enough person, but I’m not ready for a full on relationship with one person. I am enjoying playing the field. Should I just tell her to go away or break it gently that I’m not interested?


Dear Juan,

You only “think” you have a problem, when in actual fact you haven’t got a problem at all. All you have to do is tell her that you are going to have a pool party next weekend at 3 p.m. Invite a few mates and tell them to bring their girlfriends and that the party starts at 4 p.m. She will be so embarrassed being caught naked by a bunch of guys she will scamper off and not invite herself into your pool again. Tell her that you will pick up your own laundry because you are getting a dog to stop people coming in, and she will get the hint. If you are supplying champagne at the party remember to invite me as well. No skinny dipping though, my Petal.