Kids in the candy store


Dear Hillary,

Me and a couple of mates went to a go-go bar the other night, and you can take your advizes (sic) and put it where you like.  The girls we met were just incredibibly (sic) sexy, spoke English OK, didn’t want big drinks, just lady drinks and was (sic) OK to stay with us.  Spoke with the mummasan (sic) who arranged everythink (sic) for us.  No sweat, great night and morning ;-))  Love these Thai girls are the best!  No way did we get ripped off.

Joey, George and Jimmy

Dear Joey, George and Jimmy,

I am so glad you were so happy with yourselves that you decided to write to me, though you did not have to be rude about my advice, which I give out free of charge, which is a better price than your lady friends wanted for the night (and morning), I am sure.  It was also very fortunate for you that their English was about as good as yours, so you would have really felt at home.  I don’t know who you are trying to impress here, boys, but it certainly wasn’t me.  Write again in about three months and another 90 go-go bars and see if you are still as impressed.