Keeping it in the family


Dear Hillary,

I had always wondered why Thai people don’t trust each other. They will only use “family” as their staff, because I was told that only family would not steal. After spending many years in Thailand, I have begun to see just why Thais don’t trust Thais. Many of the people who write to you, Hillary, complain that their Thai GF or wife is having a relationship behind their back. There’s too many of these for it to be a one-off. Then there is the famous “gik” and every Thai woman has at least one of these friends with extra benefits on the go. They don’t trust each other, because all of them are untrustworthy. The only reason to employ “family” is because the person can lose face very quickly in the family circle, and they can’t escape from that.

Trusting Thomas


Dear Trusting Thomas,

I get the feeling that you are hurting somewhere, Petal. Time fixes everything, even though the time frame may be painful. You are right about the only people Thai people employ are “family”, but remember that “family” has a different meaning in Thai than in the West. Many times it can just mean someone from the same village, or even the same province.