Keep the condo and keep the girl?


Dear Hillary,

I have been here for almost a year and have had a live-in relationship with a young lady (Noo) for most of that time.  I will be leaving for a three month contract in Indonesia shortly and am wondering whether I should keep the lease going on the condo and keep Noo in it, or just tell her that I will let the lease run out and she will have to go back to live with her mother till I come back.  What do you think?


Dear Tommy,

What sort of Tommy and Noo show are you running?  If she means a lot to you then keep the lease going, send her some money and look forward to a very loving reception when you get back.  It’s only for three months after all.  But if she really means nothing and all you think about is yourself, which is what I suspect, then do the right thing and cut her loose now.  Do the best thing for everyone under the circumstances, is the correct way.  You’ll probably get dengue in Indonesia and die anyway.