Just an ATM?


Dear Hillary,

This is a real problem for men such as myself.  We come from a lonely life in the UK and come to Thailand – a paradise in comparison.  But then reality strikes home.  It seems to me and many of my friends that all the women in Thailand on the make.  It seems very easy (too easy?) to get a live-in partner.  Almost impossible in the UK, but every last one seems to have her hand into your wallet within days of hanging her clothes up in the wardrobe.  Of course there never is enough clothes, so I buy some for her.  Then it is money to buy groceries, and I thought that was great, thinking about me and looking after me, and it is so much cheaper from the local markets.  But then the grocery bill seemed to be going up all the time and the amount of food was going smaller.  Then it was some to send to Mama, school fees (in a village school?) for her children being looked after by Mama, it just went on and on.  That ended that one.  Then the next one was the same, and the one after that.  Is there one honest woman in Thailand?

Not an ATM


Dear Not an ATM,

Is there one honest woman in Thailand?  Yes, my Petal – me.  Just send me your bank account details so I can see if you are a genuine match (woops, almost wrote ‘catch’ there) and really deserve me.  Petal, have you ever wondered why the women you have formed a relationship with do this so easily?  You are obviously looking for your paragon of virtue in an area selling commercial friendships.  Quite frankly, you will not get a non-bar girl to just move in like that.  However, when you select a lady who will move in tomorrow, then she will move out the day after that, once your financial support dries up.  These are ‘mia chow’ (rented wives), and it is a purely financial relationship.  It is time you began to look elsewhere and form a genuine bond with genuine women, and there are many of them.  But you won’t find them in a bar.