Join the Navy


Dear Hillary,

I went to see the navy parade a couple of weekends ago with my Thai GF. She was all excited but I certainly wasn’t and when the rain came, it was a farce. You know how well Beach Road drains with the rain, so within 20 minutes it was half a meter deep and they had the navy blokes marching in it. Splashing was more like it. Surely City Hall had a fall-back route to take? It rains like this every year, it’s not like it was unexpected. They could have had them marching up dry Pattaya Klang and then into Second Road and back down through Hard Rock to Beach Road. Surely that would have been better. It was on the front page of (the national newspaper). The world must have laughed.


Dear “Admiral”,

And I’m quite sure you were never an Admiral. However, I suppose that the sailors would all have been used to getting their feet wet so shouldn’t have worried them, and any submarines would have been in their element. I’m sorry I haven’t got a direct line to City Hall, but I’m sure they know by now that marching in half a meter of water was not the smartest move.