Is she lying?


Dear Hillary,

As far as I can see Thai women are all liars.  I don’t even think they see it as lying, but just a way to avoid facing the truth.  Is this because they fear a loss of face or what?  We have had many discussions at work about this, but we don’t really know.  You are the one who can set us straight, I am sure.

Bill and the Boys

Dear Bill and the Boys,

Thank you for the vote of confidence, my Petal, but it isn’t quite that easy.  First off you cannot say Thai women are all liars, they are not all the same.  Some tell lies, certainly, but it’s usually to avoid something they don’t want to face up to, as opposed to losing face.  Of course in a situation where they will lose face, they will also try and wriggle their way out of it, and that probably needs a bit of a lie here and there.  Remember that even Thai politicians have been caught out bending the truth when directly questioned on some subjects.  My experience is that women of all nationalities will be economical of the truth as someone once said.  The big problem comes in relationships where bare-faced lies can destroy the relationship.  Out and out lying is done to hide something, and everyone is the same there.  Including you, Bill.  What are you hiding, Petal?