Is she honest?


Dear Hillary,

I know everything you say about the dangers of getting hooked up with a bar girl, but there must be some honest ones amongst them, surely. I have been seeing the same girl for four months, we have been on weekend trips together, she doesn’t hide her mobile phone from me and offers to pay her own way at mealtimes. She doesn’t wear gold strings around the neck and has a very ordinary watch. She says she enjoys my company and she does not say she is in love with me. Her English is not 100 percent, but we get by (as my Thai is about five percent). Yes, she has two children up-country that her mother cares for and she sends money to the village every month. Is it worth taking the risk to have her move in with me?



Dear Jarred,

You obviously like this girl, but come on, I can’t give you a guarantee that she is honest and trustworthy. You say your relationship is only four months old – that’s not very long, my Petal. There’s a difference between a long lasting relationship and a short one with moving in. Should you take the risk? I don’t think it is a good idea. Your first name makes me think you are a young man, with your entire future in front of you. Go slowly, and if you still feel the same at six months, then look at her moving in and after three months of living together, reviewing the situation. Do you really want the additional problems of two ready-made children?