The invitations to the Village Wedding


Dear Hillary,

This is more of a warning for all the young chaps who come to Thailand on holidays and get sucked into marriage and dowry. These poor suckers think that if they marry the girl who adores him that she won’t go back to working in the bar he found her in. This is a scam, mainly seen in the poor folk in the north-east who can see an opportunity to get some Thai whiskey out of some poor, besotted idiot. Village weddings are not even accepted in Thai law, so why would you waste 25 satang on this nonsense. It is not a Thai custom today especially while the Thai government pushes for Thailand 4.0. This is 2018, not 1018.


Dear John,

You are so right, Petal. To all you males out there, if your GF suggests a dowry is the next step in the wonderful relationship, get the running shoes on and never go to that bar again, while saying “Thank you Hillary (and John)”. If there is something you would like to be remembered for, it should be for stamping out dowries. Unfortunately there seems to be a never ending supply of foreign males with too much money and a never ending supply of young ladies from the Isaan area willing to take on the onerous task of liberating the money from the foreign male’s wallet.


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