Intro Agencies – a good bet?


Dear Hillary,

A friend of mine is getting very tired of the ladies he meets in the bars, who only seem to be interested in money.  They stay with him for a few weeks, and when he hasn’t coughed up the money for whatever they want, they move on to find another sucker who will.  He has asked me where can he go to find a better class of lady in Thailand, or are they all like this.  He has heard about introduction agencies.  Are they worthwhile?  I can’t help him because I’ve never had any experience of them.


Dear Introduction Ivan,

What is wrong with you men these days?  Your friend claims the girls he meets seem only interested in money – but what is the only thing your friend seems interested in?  Why does he have them living with him?  To learn how to eat som tam?  Here’s the first piece of advice, how about meeting the girl of his dreams the same way he would in his own country?  Go to places where ‘nice’ girls go.  Join groups where ‘nice’ girls go.  Meet eligible ladies at parties, social gatherings, art exhibitions.  He will find that these are ladies who appreciate a gentleman, but will also not race off to bed on the first date to stay for a few weeks.  As has been pointed out many times – you get what you pay for, Petal.  And are you sure this is for a “friend” and not for you?