Internet dating


Dear Hillary,

Do you know of any trustworthy dating places?  I have seen a few advertised on the internet, but don’t know if I should try them or not.  They all want fees to find you a girlfriend, but from what I can see, they’re all a bit past their use-by date, and that’s why they are in a dating place.  Where do I go, Hillary to find someone right for me?


Dear Bill,

While there may be someone for everyone in this world, what are the chances of that ‘someone’ signing up for a dating agency?  Have you ever read Bangkok Angel written by Mike Smith?  He came over here and gave up the agency route after repeated failures and then fell madly in love with the waitress at the Huntsman pub on his last evening in Bangkok.  It did work out for him in the end, though it was a long hard slog.  Our book reviewer wrote, “Everyone that visits Thailand should read this book.  It is a true record of all the highs and lows, elation and anxieties that can occur when you meet the Love of your life – especially when she is Thai.  It is also a book that all western males in Thailand will appreciate from first hand experience …  The book is like Mike himself, humorous, self effacing and so truthful it hurts.  Definitely a great read.”

My advice is to keep looking my Petal, she is out there somewhere.