Insurance risk


Dear Hillary,

In response to a letter from James re that fish paste called Phra Ra, I was told it will stop an elephant at twenty paces. Seriously now Hillary, do you or any of your readers know of an insurance company that will give motorcycle accident insurance to a 75 year old. As you know I am bullet proof when it comes to accidents, so the Insurance Company would be on a winner with me. I will even sign a clause to say jumping the bike over parked Tuk Tuk’s a la Evil Knievel would not be on. One company said they would insure me, but only if I had another policy with them like a house or car insurance. I realize that if a company would insure me it will not be a cheap policy but that would be okay. Hillary. Thank you and the gang again for brightening the Pattaya Mail readers days up with your column. I am about to ride off into the sunset (with no insurance)…



Dear Evil,

You are a walking example of “only the good die young.” However, you actually don’t need insurance for motorcycle arcade games, because they aren’t going anywhere. Though it is possible to slip off one and do a nasty injury to one’s glasses. Being serious for a moment, I know absolutely nothing about insurance companies, other than the fact that they have huge palatial buildings, and I live in a converted tent ex WW2. There is an imbalance there I feel. Best of luck on the Vespa.