Indicator light broken


Apparently Hillary ate too many chocolates this week and is feeling under the weather, so until she recovers we will repeat some of her old classics. We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

My Dear champagne addicted petal;

You are evidently not in the ‘in crowd’ of beer drinkers. Lotus, Big C, etc., charge more for cold beer and why spend perfectly good beer money getting there? As far as my spelling goes, I didn’t use my spell checker like you (you are not that intelligent dear) but was actually referring to my loves (sic) TWO BUFFALOES but did not indicate that. Check your spell checker and you will see that the plural for buffalo is not BUFFALOS; which probably means something weird in Spanish. See you at the AA when WE get sober. You first.

Singha Jerry

Dear Singha Jerry,

You take me to task for something you “did not indicate”. So I am a mind reader now as well as being the ear for the lamented and demented. Where did I mention two animals? I didn’t. Where did you mention two animals? You didn’t. You wrote about a singular buffalo, which has no “e” on the end. And if you wish to be totally correct, then it should be “my love’s” and not “my loves”, my pedantic Petal (the apostrophe indicating possession). And before you rush back into the 7-11 to grab another cheap tinny thinking you have something to celebrate, the plural of buffalo is also “buffalo” (Concise Oxford). And since you are obviously a Cheap Charlie, I won’t be getting drunk on your champagne, will I Jerry?