In the Garden of Eden again


Dewar Hillary,

If you knew the usual interpretation of biblical propaganda it was not until “after” the discovery of their nakedness, shame and expulsion from the “Garden of Eden” that they even knew to have intercourse. (“God” in his kindness and mercy at least promised the woman that she and her kind would forever afterward have great distress in childbirth….which had yet to ever happen….)  The tempt was in the attempt at an apple.

A big bad snake (unattached to Adam) was the culprit and the hero of the piece for without him no ancient Hebrew would have ever thought of writing it down.  It is possibly significant as the first “Red delicious” moment.  Shortly after this the price of apples went up and they had to invent money and temple taxes.


Dear Robert,

You are the perspicacious one are you not.  The Old Testament explained in just a few lines.  We should be ever so grateful.  Reminds me of when Moses went up the mountain to get the commandments and came down with 99 stone tablets, to be immediately sent back up the mountain and told to negotiate.  A week later he returned and proudly announced he had got the list of commandments down to 10.  “Only one problem,” Moses said.  “Adultery is still on!”