In defense of Eve


Dear Hillary,

I feel sorry for those who are so distressed they have to write to you. They think their problem with the ladies of the night (I like that more than bar girls) are something new or different. It has been this way since the first time Eve tempted Adam. From then on, all her descendants knew how to get anything they wanted from any man, and quite simply by playing up to the man’s weaknesses. This is natural behavior and not something the ladies in the bars have invented. The following limerick shows just how misguided a man can be.

“In the Garden of Eden lay Adam,

Complacently stroking his Madam,

And great was his mirth,

For he knew that on earth

There were only two b*lls and he had ‘em.”


Dear Manny,

You made me laugh, but that limerick needs bringing up to date, and I respectfully suggest the new version should go

“In the beer bars of Pattaya lay Adam,

Complacently stroking a Madam,

And great was the girl’s mirth,

As she knew that on earth,

He already had two bills and had paid ‘em.”