Immaculate conception?



Hallo. Please do you have expirian (sic) about pregnancy trears (sic) for money.??? I was with girl a year ago for2 weeks…sche (sic) had period we quite sche (sic) spoke my new girlfriend and said sche’s not pregnant. Now I got mail with photos of ‘my baby’ they say they following me they say they have copy my driver license they will go, to embassy??? and I must give some amount.?? I was angree (sic) to see this and I deleted mail from J.D….. I remember. Do you know something about this mafia??? or what??

Regards. Tanx (sic). Louizino


Dear Louizono,

Why do I get the impression that English is not your mother tongue? I managed to unscramble “experience” but I’m stumbling a bit with “trears” – “tears”? However, I get the message – you are simply being blackmailed, my Petal. If everything 12 months ago is as you describe, then it is not likely that the baby is yours. What to do? Challenge them directly to have the baby’s DNA tested against your own. That will very quickly show if the bub is yours or not. Just a word of caution – get the baby’s DNA done first, so they cannot try switching samples or whatever, and I might even suggest Singapore could be better for a laboratory where there is no chance of tampering with samples. In the meantime, tell them you had a vasectomy two years ago.

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