I give, they take


Dear Hillary,

I have a great ‘give and take’ relationship with my wife’s Thai family doing all the taking, while I do all the giving.  The association has been mutually beneficial though, with me enjoying her company and the attentiveness for which Thai women are so famous.  However, that famous Thai attentiveness comes at a price.  You get nothing for nothing and men all over the world forget this.  Your readers think they deserve a free ride in life, but nothing in life is free.  I made my bed and now lie in it quite happily, and meet the dues that the society I have chosen to live in expects.


Dear Johnny,

I don’t quite understand your letter, Petal.  You start off sounding as if you are hot under the collar, and not happy.  But then half way through you change your tack and say everything is fine.  I agree that the western and Asian societies are different in many ways, and I also agree that you must fit in with the local customs – as you certainly won’t change the family’s attitude while you live in Thailand.