How to live in Pattaya


Dear Hillary,

Almost at the end of 2017. And what a year. My girlfriend decides life is better in the village than with me and just ups and leaves one Sunday. Had the hide to ask me to run her to the bus station! Plenty of gossip from her so-called friends and I find that the “village” is another westerner who has a big house on the dark side of Pattaya. I was going to see him and have it out, but then I thought, my beef is not with him – it’s with her. What do I do from here?


Dear Greg,

Lots you must do. Firstly change the locks on all doors and windows. If she is mentioned in your will, change it. If she has left you any clothes, make sure they haven’t been cut up. Put any clothes she has left behind in a box at the front steps with a note (in Thai) “Help yourself”. When she comes back a month or so later, as they always will, be strong and just say No. And to make you feel better, she will run out on the new man as well.