How to enjoy your own company


Dear Hillary,

I have found a few solutions to the “getting ripped off” by Thai girl friend issue.

1. Learn to speak Thai and better still Laos Issan.

I can speak both languages and when I (rarely) talk to Thai girls in their own language they are not interested in me anymore.  Strangely enough just prior to me speaking the girl said I was “very good looking” (in her “farang” language, which I interpret is supposedly some sort of English).

2. Do not make eye contact with Thai girls.

I have experienced sitting in bars or go-go’s totally alone when all the other tables containing foreign men have many girls around them.  (Their tables also seem to have lots of glasses of strange, funny coloured watery drinks which are relatively very expensive too).

I find this happens when I make no eye contact whatsoever, they just don’t approach me, Lovely!  They think I am Na Du (that’s the best transcription I can make).

3. Just don’t talk to them, look at them or have anything to do with them.

I do all these things.  I very rarely deviate from this rule.  However, if a Thai girl shows me respect and tries to speak to me politely in her own language I may make an exception.  But a Thai person showing a foreigner respect and speaking Thai doesn’t happen that often especially here in Pattaya.

I now live happily alone, my only take-aways are rice suppers.  I wake up in the morning fresh, happy, no problems.  It’s great Hillary.  I am so happy I don’t have a Thai gf.

I just don’t bother

Dear I just don’t bother,

You have certainly got the ways for avoiding being ripped off by a Thai lady (or any lady for that matter); however, I wonder why you go to the bars or go-go’s at all?  It is not for the sparkling repartee (in any language of your choosing), and wouldn’t be for the new dance steps you might learn (the chrome pole shuffle).  You’re not going there for company, or to recruit company either.  You certainly won’t get ripped off by a Thai GF in your scenarios, because you haven’t got a Thai GF, have you.  “Just don’t talk to them, look at them or have anything to do with them,” is your advice, so why go there at all, Petal?  Do you have a split personality perhaps, and enjoy talking and being with your other self.  Actually you don’t have the solutions, you are just running away.  It’s like saying I will never die in a plane wreck – because I don’t travel by air.