A honey from Soi Honey


Dear Hillary,

I started reading your e-letter reply to the many readers who are Farang Khon (sic). I was at Soi Honey in August and met a girl while having a drink. Incidentally, that day was her birthday and she showed me her ID to prove it though I did not asked for it. I am open to hearing anything. As it was unexpected, I did not have present at hand to give her. However, I took out some “Ngern” and put it in her hand and wish her Happy Birthday. I am touched by her sincerity. When I was at Suvarnabhumi Airport going back to India where I am presently station, I message her but somehow it didn’t get through due to connection problem. Two days later I tried texting again and she received my message. We are now good friend and I told her that one’s background is not an important criteria in friendship, but having a good heart matters more than anything else. In short, one must have a positive mind when visiting a foreign country and extend a helping hand to those who work honestly for a living to support their families in the provinces, be it Sa Keow, Issan or Rayong.


Dear Jaffery,

I think you should be very careful, Petal. What was your young lady doing in Soi Honey? She sounds very much like a professional chicken plucker to me, and you are ready to be plucked. What makes you so sure that the lady has a “good heart”? Do you usually accost someone in the street and say, “This is my birthday, and here’s my ID card to prove it.” And ready to accept a cash deposit in her hot little hand. Proceed carefully, Jaffery, and it is Khon farang, not the other way around.