Hillary for coffee


Dear Hillary,

Hello, I am a female and just wanted to let you know -your Dear Hillary colum (sic) is highly enjoyable. Also it manages to draw a crowd of fellow coffee drinkers laughter, as I read the article aloud to my companion as we have coffee at the local store. Your direct to the point responses are full of common sense and the twist of humor is excellent. You AND the people who write in, with there (sic) stories and mainstream issues are doing a great public service – educating and teaching what to be mindful of. So to the people writing – though we chuckle when reading your plights – you and Ms Hilary are helping numerous others-Thanks to all


Well, Ms M,

The last I remember of “M” was James Bond’s boss, and I am sure that isn’t you! However, anyone who enjoys my column is a friend of mine (note the spelling, my Petal, and also the difference between “there” and “their”). My coffee is a hot latte. May I suggest you read a good dictionary as well as my column?