Here’s cheers


Dear Hillary,
Seems like every holiday there are people who claim that their vacation has been ruined because they couldn’t drink for a day. If you can’t go a day with no liquor without it ruining things for you, you have a lot bigger problem than wine for dinner.


Dear John,
(I still get a kick out of responding “Dear John” as I don’t get much opportunity for “Dear John” letters anymore!) Now to this alcohol problem of yours. You are correct that it isn’t a good sign if you can’t make 24 hours without a tipple.

You must have heard the old joke, “What’s the difference between a drunk and an alcoholic? Answer: alcoholics have to go to the meetings.” (And I know the joke is probably not PC, but everyone should be able to look a little lightheartedly at life.) But going back to the start of this, if the alcohol you are missing is really under the terminology of plonk, then you probably do need a daily shot, so keep a bottle or two for emergencies.

But if you’re like me and have to hang out for Veuve Clicquot (even NV will do, Petal) you learn to curb the cravings.