Helmets again!


Dear Hillary,

Bit of daft advice that one Hills, keeping the crash helmet in the shopping basket at front of the bike, this blocks off the headlight from oncoming traffic, I get peed off nearly crashing into motor bikes because I can’t see them coming because they have no front light, only to see as they pass that they do have lights but they are completely obscured by bags of shopping.  Most of us have had M/C accidents here, I broke several bones by driving into a large pothole, thought I was superman taking off, but I was wearing a good helmet so head ok.  Now I drive a car.

Mr. John

Dear Mr. John,

Can’t you see I was being sarcastic when I wrote, “Thailand is very hot and helmets are hot to wear, so the best place for the helmet is in the wire basket up front.”  Goodness me, my Petal, do I have to write (humor, 5555) after statements like that?  (And for those overseas, the number 5 is spoken as “ha”, so 5555 is Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!)  And despite the obscured headlights on others, you managed to have an accident all on your own when you did not see a pothole.  The biter bit, I believe is the phrase.  Anyway, I am glad to hear you are back to your observant self, and stay away from motorcycles!