Hello Sexy Man, sit down please!


Dear Hillary,

Each week you seem to get letters from all these saps who fall for the “Hello sexy man” routine from the first girl they meet in a bar.  Your cartoonist even uses the line in some of his very funny cartoons.  This has been going on for years.  Are the men tourists who visit Thailand all a bit dim, or what?  Surely a pot-bellied 60 year old beer swiller can’t possibly believe that he is sexy.  If he is that stupid, that might even explain why he then buys the 18 year old a house, a car, a motorcycle for the “brother” and a chunk of gold rope for her, and then comes back next year and complains because she didn’t wait for her “sexy man” to come back.


Dear Wilf,

Petal, I think you need to be a little more charitable.  Why is your 60 year old here?  Because he is bored and lonely, and Thailand offers him the chance to be a sexy man for three weeks.  What would he have done with the money anyway?  Drink it, I suppose?  So he has a wonderful memory of an 18 year old who thought he was sexy in this warm tropical country and is waiting for him.  The disappointment when he finds she didn’t wait is soon forgotten as the new 18 year old girl at the bar thinks he is sexy as well.  Thailand is heaven for three weeks (and hell for the other 49)!