Hello sexy Lady (err Man)


Dear Hillary,

Why are katoeys so attractive to men? I hardly know of any man in Pattaya who hasn’t been seen ogling at these lady-boys at some time. I can’t understand it, they’re neither one thing or the other. Why then do they do it?



Dear Befuddled,

One thing you will have noted about the “women of the 2nd order” is that the vast majority are perfectly groomed, perfectly made up, with perfect figures and are also perfectly friendly. In some cases too friendly, I fear, and by the way, I do know that the perfect figures were purchased from the plastic surgeons, and Thailand is well known overseas for the skill of these surgeons. However, for a lot of men, these “girls” represent the best looking women they’ve seen in a long time. I think us girls have to realize that we don’t always look our best when we go out – the katoeys always do! There is a lesson to be learned, I fear!