Heart to Heart – Friday January 25, 2019 – January 31, 2019


Dear Hillary,

There’s plenty of places for men to enjoy the company of the opposite sex around here, but where do ladies go for company? I’m not looking for a long term commitment, but just some fun evenings. I’m English and all I want is some good conversation, a couple of drinks and no heavy stuff. Is this possible, or am I looking for something that isn’t there?


Dear Mandy,

I think you are confusing your aspirations with the local capabilities, my Petal. You are in Thailand. The people here all speak a language known as pasa Thai. The number of Thai males working in the bars who can actually converse in English would be very small. For that matter, the number of ladies working in the bar that can speak good conversational English is also very small, after you get past “Hello sexy man. Sit down please. Buy me cola?” I am sure that many of the ‘boy bars’ and nightclubs could offer you drinks, some fun evenings with no commitment, and the ‘stuff’ gets as heavy as you (the customer) want. However, remember you pay for the fun, just as you do in any bar in Thailand. The staff are ‘professional’, if you know what I mean.


Dear Hillary,

About the guy with bad breath: Many times persistent bad breath is caused by bacteria on the tongue. He should brush his lady’s best friend before retiring and then a quick mouthwash in the a.m. would solve his problem.

Your fan,

Utah Ken

Dear Utah Ken,

I see that with your interest in this problem, you must be a cunning linguist. Clever you! I’m sure that after this news the sufferer will already be at it, toothbrush in hand and mouthwash beside the bed for the morning, with spittoon handily placed. I wish him luck.


Dear Hillary,

When you meet someone and you know they are the right person for you, it doesn’t matter whether they work in a bar or work in a university. That’s it, they are the one. You are in love. You go on a lot about finding good Thai women, but they are really all the same, so don’t keep on about it. If your girl comes from a bar, just enjoy and ignore the advice from silly old people like Hillary.


Dear James,

What a silly mixed up young boy you are. You are not describing “love” to me, Petal, you are describing infatuation. You are ignoring the fact that girls who work in the bars frequented by foreigners are in it for the money. Nobody forces them to work there. They are there to get the money out of the foreign purse. So if you put yourself in that environment (sorry about the big words, darling, but you can look it up later), undoubtedly a young inexperienced male like you will fall “in love” with a lady from the bar. It has been said many times, and this is not a Hillary original, but you can take a girl out of the bar, but you can’t take the bar out of the girl. However, as you say, “just enjoy”, but do listen to the advice from this silly old person. I have seen more than you have, many times over.

Dear Hillary,

Is possible that a letter from Germany are not arriving the receiver or right target? I meet a nice Thai girl in the last holiday and the friendship between us are deepens already. I write in the such time several letters to my girlfriend and she write to me back. And we have no problems until now. The last letter I write on May but no answer. Inside the letter 1,000 baht and some picture of me. I ringed to my girl at the bar but she said there is no letter coming from me. What will I do? Your newspaper are my only help for my Heartbreak Situation. I talk with other people who are stay in Thailand before and they talk to me that some girls just lying. But I am really desperate and I only want to know what is true or not, because I love she very much. Have maybe somebody of the Post staff stolen the letter or anybody else? So now I want to know your meaning about this sadden situation. I am thank you and I looking forward of an answer of you to me.

Heartbroken Helmut

Dear Heartbroken Helmut,

Unfortunately I have heard from many people that letters containing money go missing. The answer is to disguise the fact that there may be money in the letter by putting it inside a card or a small magazine. That way when the letter is held up to a bright light you cannot see the money inside, but there are other ways of sending money over here which are much safer too. Your girlfriend at the bar will know them all, or her friends will. Perhaps it might be better to save your money so that you can get over here more often. I don’t think your girlfriend is lying. For 1,000 baht, no. For a million – well that’s another story.