He flies through the air with the greatest of ease…


Dear Hillary,

This letter is to say Thank You and All at the “Mail”. A great local newspaper and your column is the icing on the cake. Only one question Hillary, many years ago I was in southern Italy visiting country villages, the local people would offer me a glass of their home made red wine. It was always sweet, more like a soft drink but it was wine. I loved it and wondered with your expertise have you any idea what wine I could buy today that would taste sweet Hillary? As you can tell I am far from being a wine connoisseur, liking a sweet wine is not on I guess for the experts. I was a Tea Taster working for a Tea Brokers in England fifty years ago and I do know my Brooke Bonds from my Lipton’s, but do I have to go back to Italy to get my sweet red wine Hillary? By the way I saw Evil’s protégé jump his motorcycle over twenty one buses, I might try that in Bangkok Hillary… Twenty one Tuk Tuks should be child’s play.



Dear Evil,

What a kind man you are, showering me with compliments (though chocolate and bubbles would be more appropriate). The wine you were guzzling in Italy would have been classed as a ‘sangria’ which is a sweet mixture. More than that I don’t know, sorry. I hope you have a good festive season, and try not to fall off so often. You will damage the side covers on the engine!