The Happy Family scene


Dear Hillary,

Last week you gave advice to a guy wanting to know if he should marry his Thai GF. You suggested wait. That wasn’t strong enough. The Thai GF will take care of you as long as you have money. If you marry she will slowly get you to buy things which will have to be in her name, a house, a car/motorbike land etc. Also suddenly her family one by one will have bad luck requiring a cash input from you. Probably a “brother” and other family members will move in with you and sponge off you. The “brother” will probably be her boyfriend and when they have got as much as possible out of him, he will have an accident and she will move on to the next sucker. In answer to his question is this the real thing…NO it is not.

Have fun.


Dear Chris,

Thank you very much for your input to this very human problem. However, I think you can apply your warnings to more than just the bar ladies here in Pattaya. The divorce rate all over the world seems to be around 50 percent, so you have a 1 in 2 chance of happiness. If you are a gambler then jump in. If you are not, and need advice from me, or from Chris, then slowly, slowly. Unfortunately, the scenario you paint one hears only too often, but then of course, the happy 50 percent don’t write to Agony Aunts.