Happy endings


Hello Petal?

I read so many stories about men getting taken advantage of and always it seems to be the Thai’s fault.  I do not agree.  Some people are suckers by their own design.  I too have had the money relationship and was very well aware of it at the time.  But after a time I decided to change my situation.  In doing so this allowed me to meet a very wonderful woman.  We have been married for 2 years now and I have to be honest, I have never been so content and happy in all my 59 years.

My wife is not nor has ever been a bar girl.  She has a 16 year old daughter who is the best mannered and most well behaved 16 year I have ever dealt with.  As for money, she controls it all and I had to break her of the habit of reporting how much she spends and for what.  Still if she wants to buy something for herself or OUR daughter she wants to advise me in advance.  Now back to the other relationship I had.  Any money I lost it was my fault because my heart and gut told me it was a bad situation with no chance of ever being a long lasting relationship.  Maybe I was lonely but I always hoped for the best. I should have listened to my heart – it never lies to me.

Now I am faced with a new problem.  My mother of 78 years and my wife are best friends.  So when they agree on something and I don’t, it is 2 against 1.  I always surrender to them as they are my life and my job is to keep them both safe happy and healthy.

So tell you readers there are millions of good people here in Thailand they just may have to step away from the bars and tourist areas to find and meet the real Thais.

You get what you ask for here, maybe some people just need to understand what it is they are needing and want they are asking for.  If you could maybe post a few more happy endings stories in your column it may change one person’s mind and guide one more to a fulfilling life here in the land of smiles.



Dear Gene,

Your letter finally got to me via a roundabout way, but it did, and it tore at my heartstrings too.  You are obviously a very kind man but you should be aware that when your mother, your wife, and your daughter agree on something you don’t, then it will be 3 against 1.

I am very glad that you got out of the prior relationship, relatively unscathed, but I do mention caution.  Your new relationship is only two years old, and most of the horror stories I receive here can come after many years of marriage.  But I do also know that marriages can fail at any time, in any country, especially in the western countries.

As far as ‘happy endings’ are concerned, you are still at ‘happy beginnings’, but I do wish you and your new family all the best.