Happy ending


Dear Hillary,

Where can I go to get a ‘straight’ massage?  Every massage place I stop at offers me massages with “happy ending”.  I have a longstanding back and right leg problem after an accident a few years ago, and a proper deep massage does seem to help.  The other kind doesn’t.  Any ideas Hillary?

Bad Back

Dear Bad Back,

What a lovely change, my Petal.  Most of the readers who write in here have a middle leg problem and not a right leg (or left leg) one.  ‘Physical’ massage is certainly good for all kinds of ailments, but you have to find a place that advertizes that it does ‘traditional Thai’ massage.  Most of the big hotels have a spa and massage area, though they cater for the tourists more (and charge tourist prices).  Tell any place you go to that you don’t want an oil massage, but want physical massage.  Hope you feel better soon.

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