Half the size


Dear Hillary,

Don’t you get tired of all these men who write in complaining that they have been ripped off, jilted, robbed and bankrupted by women half their size and half their age.  Is this some inbuilt male self-destroying mechanism, or are they all just suckers for a pretty face?  Or is it just all the beer that they drink?

Amazing Thailand


Dear Amazed,

And I believe that must be Ms. Amazed judging by the tone of your letter.  Now, have you lost someone to the brown maidens, I wonder?  No, males generally do not show self-destruction as one of their less redeeming features, well, not to my knowledge at least.  However, you are correct that some (not all, my Petal) of them fall prey to the flattery found in the beer bars, and when viewing the world through beer glasses, you can get a somewhat distorted idea of what is real compared to clever salesmanship.  So I’m sorry I cannot fully answer your queries, but perhaps you can answer just why do these men succumb so readily?  Is there something missing in their previous relationships?