Guineas to gooseberries


Dear Hillary,

Re the chap trying to transfer money to his lady friend and wondering if she is telling lies that she didn’t get the money, it is guineas to gooseberries that this is a con. These girls are past masters at it, and even any girl fresh from the rice farm picks up the method in a week, from the excellent teachers at the bar. Any foreigner who transfers money to Thailand for a girl he met in a bar on a two week holiday deserves to be ripped off (and he definitely will). There’s enough books written on the subject. But I wonder if some of these people can even read.

UK Jeff

Dear UK Jeff,

You have pointed out some well documented problems, but I wonder from the tone of your letter, whether you might be a little bitter? Did you get ripped off at some time in the past, Jeff? It is very easy to get suckered in, trying to make the holiday romance feeling continue from thousands of kilometers away, while sitting in the cold and wet and remembering the warm summer nights in Thailand. I have advised so many over the years, to have the holiday fling, enjoy the warm ways of the professional ladies from the bars, but to always remember, that is their job.