Guide should be in TAT


Dear Hillary,

Two weeks ago you were asked about taking relatives around Pattaya. I suggest that, in Pattaya, use the islands for your beach experience if you must have one. There are plenty of restaurants, but after all you will have opportunities to “go native” with simple special and uniquely Thai restaurants on the guide pages or in the column of this newspaper. If they are prudes don’t take them to Walking Street. Consider buying food out and bringing it in to dine in comfort in your own home. Find a cooking course in Thai cuisine for mom. They are available and since you eat what you cook they tell you to arrive hungry. Show them the Catholic Charities orphans home if they are the kind of person who would appreciate it and hopefully contribute to the waifs. Of course if they are Trump voters they probably want the children to be working so they can “pull their own weight.”


Dear Robert,

Do you work for the Tourism Authority of Thailand? If you don’t, then you should. Thank you for all your suggestions (including the north, which I couldn’t publish here) as I am just a person to mend broken hearts, and not a tourist guide.