Guest House?


Dear Hillary,

What do you do about house guests that keep on arriving from the old country? I’ve had five sets this year and it looks like there are more coming for Xmas. If I had nothing else to do other than entertain old friends then it would be fine, but I have work to do as well. I don’t want to give old friends the cold shoulder, but I’m at my wits end, honestly! What should I do?

Guesthouse Gertie

Dear Gertie,

This is a very common problem when you live in a place that other people save for 11 months to come and visit. It is also very normal for your old friends to want to see you, and possibly save some money by staying with you. You actually have the answer already when you called yourself “Guesthouse” Gertie. The government is cracking down on unregistered guest houses, so you have the ideal let out. Love to have you, but it is now illegal. Meet them for dinner at 7 p.m. and do things together from there. I am sure your friends will appreciate that even though they are on holidays, you are not. They need time to themselves too and will be grateful for the chances to explore on their own. Have some brochures for them with suggested trips and let them take it from there. You can do your work, and you can enjoy each other’s company at night. Just think about it, you can even get one of those nice wooden signs with “Gerties” carved into it.