Good girls and Bar girls again


Dear Hillary,

About three weeks ago you printed a letter from a chap who discovered his office girl in the daytime worked as a bar girl at night. He wondered just what was the real girl, and you could read between the lines that one face of her was the ‘good’ girl and the other face was the gold digger. He didn’t know what to do. Let me tell him from my experience that just because a girl works in a bar, that doesn’t make her dishonest. I met a young woman in a bar, and at her suggestion we carried on in the evening at her room. The next day at my own condo I suddenly realized my gold chain was missing, and remembered taking it off to take a shower in her room. This gold chain was a family heirloom, so it was important. To make it worse, my mother who had given it to me, was arriving the following week. It was a very intricate design so I couldn’t even get a copy made. A few days later I was walking through Walking Street when I heard my name being called – it was the same girl who said, “You leave your chain in my room. When do you want to get it?” I could have kissed her right there in the street. So I got it back, the real thing before someone mentions the famous Blue Diamond, and I did reward her for her honesty even though she didn’t ask for anything. There is really no difference between the so-called ‘good’ girls and the bar girls. Good and bad in ‘em all.



Dear Ted,

We all have free will to do as we want. Thai girls are no different from other girls all over the world. Honesty is something that we learn from our parents and pass on to our own children. I will say that you have been lucky, my Petal. Just don’t do it again! OK?