Good and bad everywhere


Dear Hillary,

This is a true story and I think everyone needs to know there is good and bad everywhere in the world.  I get sick of all the moans and groans that come from all your writers and how they have been ripped off or left in the lurch by some Thai girl.  Perhaps they should be more careful.  I met a Thai lady when I was on holidays a couple of years back and she asked me for a loan of several thousand baht.  I looked into her background and why she was in debt and how she was going to pay me back.  She promised that she would give me all the money when I returned to Thailand six months later.  I came back and guess what?  She repaid me, plus interest that I didn’t ask for.  I think a lot of the people who get ripped off ask for it.

Bill the Banker

Dear Bill,

As you correctly point out, there is good and bad everywhere.  However, foreigners come here and forget all good business sense, such as how the girl is going to repay the loan just for starters.  Checking one’s brain in at the immigration counter in Bangkok seems to be a very real situation.  I often wonder if they remember to pick it up again when they leave.