Going for the gigglier


Dear Hillary,

I work in an office as a teacher but I am going nuts about one of the women in the office who is screaming and yelling and giggling all day, every day.  There’s just one of me and seven of the Thai women.  On their own they are nice people, but all in one room, it is bedlam, and it is this one girl that starts it all off, and keeps it going.  I have thought about having a word with her, but now I’ve found out that she is the owner’s daughter.  So where do I go from here, Hillary?  Any sensible suggestions?


Dear Jerry,

Your problem is very easy to fix.  Where do you go?  Straight down the road to the employment agency.  You cannot change a group of Thai women from chatting and laughing together.  That is how we relate to each other, Petal.  And when one of them is the boss’ daughter, how far do you think you will go?  Push too much and you are the one who will be pushed – out the door.  No, maintain your dignity, and look for alternative employment, and don’t forget that you will need a new work permit when you do change jobs.