A funeral for the dog that got run over


Dear Hillary,

My wife goes up to see her mother up-country every month. I give her money to catch the plane up every time. She has been doing this for a couple of years. And recently she is always later than planned, but has regular excuses like her dog got run over and she had to deal with the vet, an uncle passed away so she stayed on for the funeral, her mother was sick so she had to take her to the doctors. Last week she came home and I saw her air ticket stub which was to another city in the North East altogether. I asked her about this and she said that the ticketing girl got it wrong. I am beginning to think there are too many coincidences. What do you think Hillary? I smell a rodent.


Dear Jack,

I smell a rodent too. And so do you. Why don’t you pop up and see how the old Mum in Law is doing, next time? Too many coincidences. I would guess that you have a ‘Gik’ problem.