Fourth time lucky?


Dear Hillary,

At least I haven’t lost my shirt this time – I must be getting smarter in my old age, eh?  But the latest Thai GF marched out last week, trying to take everything, but with nothing left in her name, went empty handed.  This is the third time this has happened (third time lucky, eh?) and really puts me off having any relationship with these girls here.  Any suggestions, Hillary?


Dear Jeff,

You seem to have a fundamental flaw in your search for a mate, my Petal.  As far as your previous relationships are concerned, remember for many of these girls, landing a foreigner is like winning the lottery!  A successful partnership is not the result of a bar fine and a short time hotel.  You have to stop searching and let Miss Right come to you.  She will know that you are the person she would like to be with, and you will also know that she is the right person for you.  You will have been able to discuss finances and other matters long before ‘moving in’ happens.  Settle back and relax, Jeff, and don’t try to push the relationship.