Food Court first date


Dear Hillary,

Nice young thing I see in the center, so I suggested we have lunch together next week.  Chuffed that she accepted, especially as I must be twice her age.  Since it is the first “date” if you like, would it be OK to take her to the center food court?  I don’t feel like a slap up lunch if she might say “No” to any further lunches.  What do you think, Hillary?  You know the Thai woman’s mind, I don’t.


Dear Jeff,

Just what do you want me to do, Petal?  Hold your hand and wipe your bott-bott as well?  Come on!  You don’t need to be an Einstein to know that she would expect a little better than the Flying Vegetable restaurant from someone twice her age.  You also come across as someone more than a little “keeniow” Jeff.  But don’t let me put you off, go and have a lovely lunch and then take her to any bar beer with balloons.  You’ll be amongst friends!