Flooded soi problem


Dear Hillary,

My soi gets flooded all the time.  Nobody seems to care.  I am OK as I live on an upper floor, but I have to wade through the muck and filth to get to the car every time.  I am afraid of standing on something dangerous and getting a big infection from it.  What should I do?  Nobody seems to understand how much this puts me off.


Dear Gerry,

I wish every problem that comes to my desk was as easy to fix as yours, Petal.  Go to the nearest shop and buy a pair of those hideous Crocs footwear (you can’t call them “shoes”).  Impervious to water, so you wear those going over to the car, when it floods.  Carry your good shoes, though.  Now how deep does it get?  Thailand has had the worst floods in decades, cars totally submerged, houses looted, shops stripped of everything, families left with nothing, and you write in with this pathetic “What should I do?”  If you can’t live through the wet season, shift to higher ground.  It’s all a bit too obvious Gerry.  I think you are a whinger.