Financial agreements or MOU’s


Dear Hillary,

I asked a couple of young ladies to join me in my unit for a night. The next morning the money they told me they wanted was far too much from my point of view. I said for that money I could get a maid for a week. Then they started to threaten me and said they would go to the security guard. At that I gave in, gave them the money and locked the door. I watched from the balcony and they didn’t speak to the guard. Should I have just given them the money, or offered them half?



Dear Edward,

Unless you have only been here 10 minutes, you should know you always establish the price first, before getting on a taxi motorcycle. It is the same with the Ladies of the Night who turn into Monsters in the Morning. Do the haggling beforehand while you have the aces, not afterwards when they hold the aces.

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